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Which languages is it worth translating into?

In our last post we discussed what materials museums should translate and what’s normally done according to their objectives. There are several reasons why a museum would deem necessary to translate their content. And depending on the type of materials the museum is interested in translating, they will have to pick several or just 1-2 […]

What materials should museums translate?

In our last post we addressed the issue of whether or not translation of their content and resources is something museums should be considering, not only as a way to really engage their current audiences, but also as a strategy to attract new ones. But depending on a museum’s objective, there might be different approaches: […]

Should museums translate their content?

Any discussion about the linguistic needs of institutions like museums should start with one question: What are museums for? Or should we say, Who are museums for? As a translator, I’ve devoted the last few years of my career to translating content into Spanish for museums in the US —and all of those end clients […]

Translating the Arts

Hi there! If you’re here it’s because you’re either interested in translation or in the arts, or both! For years now I have been translating creative content, and especially in the last 3 years, I’ve been almost entirely devoted to translating content for different museums around the US. After almost 200 projects, I’ve learned a […]