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Tracking for translators: FREE giveaway and video instructions!

Tracking your work is important. That’s a lesson I learned on 2017 and decided to fix this year. Now that the year is (almost) over, I’m so pleased with my results!

Tracking has allowed me to have a very clear idea of where I’m standing and what I need to do to improve. From anticipating where your business is going to improving your productivity, tracking is the solution you were looking for.

Don’t know how to? Read on, I’ll share my secret with you!

tracking your work as a translator

Tracking your work

As I said, tracking you work is really important. It will actually change the way you see your business from an uncontrollable stream of projects to a predictable and manageable flow.

So I’m going to share with you an Excel spreadsheet I created to track my work. Nothing too fancy, just what you need to make it work. And, in case something wasn’t clear, I’ll also share with you a video I recorded to explain every single detail of it!

For starters, you should know the spreadsheet includes several sections, mainly:

Tracking your projects: a yearly list

The first tab on the file will allow you to list all the projects you’ve worked on this year. So, once 2019 starts, you can start listing there all the projects you receive and deliver, tracking delivery date, number of words translated, time invested in the project and amount of money you’ve earned per hour.

If all this info isn’t enough, you’ll also get yearly totals for all of those, plus average of words translated and money earned per hour! That way you’ll always know what you need to do to improve and it’ll also help you quote future projects. Want more?

Tracking your weekly and monthly income

The second tab on the spreadsheet will allow you to track the number of words translated per week and, consequently, the amount of money you make per week and per month. This is not the money you get paid, but the money GENERATED (we all know payment terms differ and can always be delayed!).

Plus —and this is the reason why this is my favourite tab— the monthly income is colour-coded in a way that easily allows you to see which have been the best and worse months for you. I just simply LOVE that!

It has also allowed me to now predict which months might be a bit slower and accommodate that into my yearly planning.

Tracking your current projects

Lastly, there are 2 tabs (which you can copy-paste to reproduce) where you’ll track the projects you’re currently working on. These tabs will allow you to introduce the slots of time you’ve worked and it’ll give you the total number of hours you’ve invested on finishing that long project. Plus an hourly rate as well!

Could this get any better?

Well… I don’t know if better, but definitely clearer! That’s why I recorded the following video, so you can properly learn how to used the spreadsheet.

Make sure you watch it and find the link to download the spreadsheet below!

To DOWNLOAD my work tracking spreadsheet, please CLICK HERE.

That’s it, now you’re all set to start 2019 in the most organised way possible!

I really hope you find this resource useful, and don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know what you think!



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